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CSbyUs logoCSbyUs works with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to co-design K-12 digital era instructional resources and professional development opportunities. Committed to open design throughout the research and development process, our curricula is equity-focused and created with deep participation from students, teachers, and administrators.

Participatory Solutions for Human Flourishing, aims to employ an equity-centered innovation approach to co-create solutions across social sectors, thereby elevating the voices of stakeholders who have traditionally been excluded from problem-solving and decision-making processes. In both its methodology and its solutions, the Open Design Studio is committed to cultivating a desired world: actively inclusive, transparent and collaborative. Team members will work in four subteams in areas of education, health, necessity-driven entrepreneurship, and community-based innovation, climate and sustainability, and technology equity.


Open Design logoLaunched in summer 2020, Open Design+ is an experiential research experience for undergraduate and graduate students at Duke. Students will work through the open design thinking process to understand stakeholders, ideate prototypes, iterate forward, and communicate effectively across media and audiences. This summer the problem space is: In light of COVID-19, how might we transform learning at Duke?

Open Design Bass Connections students in a Zoom meetingOpen Design @ Duke + Beyond was a Bass Connections project during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students worked through the open design thinking process to develop solutions to the question of how we might build open design pedagogy frameworks and resources at Duke.